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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions (all term and condition applied to residential package only)

Which package offered by GIGABIT FIBER is available for me? 

  • Availability of all the package we offered is subject to your location, you may contact us via WhatsApp us to learn more.

What is the upload and download speed for GIGABIT FIBER Internet plans ?

  • Our upload and download speed is symmetric speed. This means the value of both speed is the same and the top speed is affected according to the plan you have subscribed. However, the Download speed you get will be range from around 65% to 100% of your subscribed speed.

Do all GIGABIT FIBER internet package come with unlimited data ?

  • Yes, all the packages we offer come with unlimited data and No Fair Usage Policy.

  • Your internet speed will depend on your device capability and do note that the speed of your subscribed package are shared between all the connected devices.

How long is the warranty period for the GIGABIT FIBER Internet fiber modem, WiFi router, power adapter ?

  • The fiber modem, WiFi router, power adapter come with lifetime warranty during service period.

Do I need pay for installation, deposit and any others fee ?

  • RM 150.00 will be charged into the 1st invoice for customer who choose package with 6 months contract period. Except 6 month packages, all standard installation is Free Of Charge for customer who completed the package's contract period.

  • For Malaysian, no deposit is required for the fiber modem, WiFi router, power adapter and fiber connection (fiber cable & connector).

  • For non-Malaysian, deposit is required before application will be accepted and you are only entitled package with 6 months contract period. For more details, kindly contact us via WhatApps or email to our support email address, [email protected].

Is GIGABIT FIBER service available for business usage?

  • GIGABIT FIBER service is only intended for residential usage and not for any business usage.

  • GIGABIT FIBER is not liable for any business lost due to the usage of our service and customer is only allowed to claim maximum up to the same as their monthly subscription fee. 

What is required for me to enjoy 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps GIGABIT FIBER speeds effectively?

  • Please ensure that your devices (laptop, mobile phone) WiFi card support dual band (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz) and devices must supported IEEE 802.11ac spec.

  • Network card is supported up to 1Gbps speeds for desktop computer.

Can I apply for GIGABIT FIBER internet plan if I have been blacklisted by other TELCO company ?

  • Yes, your application will still be received by us.

Why should I subscribe to a GIGABIT FIBER plan rather than other broadband plan?

  • GIGABIT FIBER Internet offers more stable, reliable and higher speed than the average mobile broadband speeds.

How to conduct a speed test for GIGABIT FIBER?

  • You can perform by visiting our SPEED TEST page and choose different server for reference and comparison. Because the speed test result may be affected by the speed test server performance, so you are advised to run the test on different speed test server for comparison. For more accurate result, the speed test also need to be performed by using network cable with direct connection from a laptop / desktop to the WiFi router LAN port. 

Do GIGABIT FIBER Internet offer dedicated internet plan for Residential ?

  • As the offered package is shared and on best effort basic internet, we do offer dedicated with SLA (Service Level Agreement) fiber internet plan for residential but not for business use as stated in Application form, kindly WhatsApp us for more detail.

About Installation

When and how will the installation date be set up ?

  • Our installation team will contact you and arrange the appointment at your convenient time within 7 working days.

How long does a standard installation take to finish?

  • A standard installation process take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete.

What is process include as non-standard installation ?

  • Non-standard installation include but not limited to the following process:

    • Trenching work

    • Non-direct cable routing

    • Underground, concealed or over-roof cabling.

  • These work will be completed at the customer’s own expense and GIGABIT FIBER will not be held responsible for the quality or completeness of such work.

Can I request to redo my internal fiber cabling ?

  • Yes, you can. Only for the first time we shall provide the service with no charges, for standard installation (surface mount) but fee may be applied for relocation of fiber either internally or externally on second time and onward.

Do I need to be present during the installation?

  • Yes, but in the case of you being unavailable to present during the installation, you may designate a person at least aged eighteen (18) and above to be present on your behalf with provide applicant and designate person valid ID. 

  • If a designated person is appointed to be present during the installation, you hereby agree and authorize the designated person to sign our Internet Access Application Form on your behalf.

I have my own router, computer and some others devices. Can the installer help me to configure the connection to GIGABIT FIBER Internet ?

  • Yes, but you will need to pay separately to GIGABIT FIBER and GIGABIT FIBER will not be held accountable for the service quality nor any damage to your equipment.

What will happen if my GIGABIT FIBER installation is not successful ?

  • If your GIGABIT FIBER installation is not successful, GIGABIT FIBER installer will either try to resolve the issue on the day or reschedule another session for installation.

Can I still subscribe to GIGABIT FIBER if my apartment/condominium is not within the area of coverage ?

  • You will not be able to subscribe to GIGABIT FIBER internet plans. However, you are most welcome to contact us for better arrangement.

What do I need to prepare to ensure the installation goes smoothly ?

  • You will need to prepare 2 power outlets for GIGABIT FIBER internet equipment.

I am moving to another place, can I request for re-location of the modem and router?

  • Please be noted that in case of re-location, you are NOT permitted to move the modem and router on your own.

  • In case of the need of re-location, kindly let us know by emailing us to this email address, [email protected]Customer are advised to inform us of the re-location as soon as possible, as it may take up to 1 month for the service delivery team to arrange.

  • If you are moving away from the original area or condominium/apartment, kindly contact us to check the availability of our coverage at the area you are moving to.


  • The contract will be refreshed with 2 year once the re-location is done, or customer are given the choice of paying RM150.00 of re-location fee after the re-location is done, in this case the contract will not be refreshed.

  • Please be noted that for customer who are subscribed to our Promo Package & non-Malaysian, the customer are not allowed to refresh their contract, the customer must pay for RM 150.00 of re-location fee.

Plan Upgrade / Downgrade

*Please be noted that any request by the customer for upgrades or downgrades of the service shall subject to GIGABIT FIBER’ s written approval.

Do I need to pay any fee for upgrade / downgrade of my current package?

  • No fee are required for upgrade / downgrade of package, customer will only have to meet the conditions, please refer to below for the requirement.

What should I do if I want to upgrade my current package ?

  • You can contact us via WhatsApp or our authorized agent to inform us of your request.​ 


  • Do take note of the following conditions that need to be fulfilled before upgrade of package is allowed:


       - Upgrading of package is only allowed after the 1st invoice is issued.

       - All the current outstanding of your account must be cleared first.

Can I downgrade to a lower speed plan within my contract period ?

  • Yes, but you can only request for downgrade of package after at least half the contract period starting from the date of account activation.


When should I make payment?

  • Depending on the date of your initial installation, your billing date will be on the next 13th or 28th. For example, if the installation is done in between 13th and 27th, you will receive all of your bill on every month 28th and vice versa. 

  • Customer can also access the Customer Self Care Portal check for the details of the billing of their account. The default login username and password will be the email address that is provided during initial registration with our agents.

I have not received any invoice, what should I do?

  • All of our invoice are sent via email to the email address you initially provided to our agent during registration. If you have checked your inbox and confirm that you do not receive the invoice, kindly contact us via our WhatApps support number011-6195 6105.

How do I make payment for my bills?

  • You may refer to HOW TO PAY section at the bottom of the invoice's 1st page, related payment details are listed at there or you may refer the following section. 

Payment Account and Payment Method

GIGABIT FIBER bank account detail is as below:
Account Number: 5127-8120-0807


*We recommend you to make payment via our Payment Gateway by clicking on PAYNOW button in your invoice or by accessing it by clicking on this link, https://billing.gigabit-fiber.com/payment


Regarding barring and suspension of account

Suspension of Service – GIGABIT FIBER may suspend the service for any fee and / or payment due which is not fully settled by the due payment date as stated on each monthly invoice, which would be 7 days of grace period after the invoice is issued. 

How long will it take for my GIGABIT FIBER Internet service to be reactivated after I have cleared all the outstanding of my account?

  • Your GIGABIT FIBER account and internet service will be reactivated within 3 working days if you are paying via manual method such as online banking or cash deposit machine.

  • However, it will instantly reactivated if you pay via our Payment Gateway service, you can access it by clicking on the PAYNOW button on the invoice.

Refund Policy

  • Any amount paid via payment gateway is to be refund according to the payment gateway fund reversed policy.

Contract & Termination

  • Customer are to take note that contract period for the all packages is the minimum period of commitment of the contract. Customer is allowed continue to enjoy the internet service if payment is made for the monthly internet fee.

  • Customer whose account is suspended by GIGABIT FIBER SDN due to having outstanding in his/her account after the payment due date is not allowed to terminate his/her account until all of the due outstanding of his/her account has been cleared, only then the customer may proceed with termination of the contract.​​

  • Customer shall inform GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD after the Contract Period has ended with at least one (1) billing circle month prior to termination with written notification of email to [email protected] or else the contract will keep running if GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD do not received any form of proper written notification.

  • The customer will then be provided with Service Termination Request form and he/she shall complete and submit the completed form to GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD by email to [email protected]. The termination request will be rejected if the information provided in the form is incomplete, inaccurate and/or does not tally with the record maintained by GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD.

  • Once the termination process is completed, GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD reserves the right to collect the fiber modem, WiFi router and any other equipment that belong to GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD.


  • All of the equipment that is installed by GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD staff during initial installation including but not limited to the following, any cabling and fiber, fiber modem, WiFi router and etc. are considered as property of GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD and shall be returned to GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD upon termination of account, unless the equipment is provided by the customer with his/her own cost.


  • Any dismantling of GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD equipment by our staff can only be performed during normal working hour.


  • Customer can also return the equipment on their own, the equipment must be handed/post to the following address:

       No. 24C, Jalan Seri Utara 1, Sri Utara Off Jalan Ipoh,

       68100 Kuala Lumpur. 


  • After termination, if the customer does not return GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD’s fiber modem, WiFi router or any other equipment, a RM 500 of device purchase fee with 3% per annum interest shall be applied.


  • GIGABIT FIBER SDN BHD reserved all right to submit any missing in action or uncontactable customer detail to CTOS (Credit Tip-Off Service) Data System Sdn Bhd, the record will only be removed once the customer has cleared out all the remaining outstanding.

  • Any customer who move out of the registered place (house/unit) without notifying us will be regarded as deliberate breach of contract and with intention to deceive. GIGABIT FIBER reserved all right to terminate related account immediately and charge to customer according to the early termination clauses without any prior notice.

  • For PROMO Package: Port-in, CSR - 100-Support , Package 2021 - Fiber 100s, 100-Special, and other PROMO Package, below Terms and Condition applies to all of our PROMOTION packages
    1) Relocation is prohibited.
    2) Ownership transfer is prohibited.
    3) Restrict 1 Malaysian ID for 1 application.
        *Please select your package according to your plan with care.