1. You may access the payment gateway through a few ways:


 1a. By clicking on the PAYNOW button on the email with invoice attached.       

 1b. By clicking on the following link:       

 1c. By clicking the Payment Gateway Portal on the Main Tab under Online Payment section.

Screenshot (3).png

2. After accessing the page, you will need to key in your GIGABIT FIBER internet account number, which can be found at the TOP RIGHT corner of the 1st page of the invoice.


3. Please check the details of the account and ensure it is correct before proceeding any further.

4. Next, choose the payment method that you prefer and proceed according to the instruction provided. If you for whatever reason are unable to use the Payment Gateway, you may refer to the FAQ page for other payment methods or you may contact our WhatApps support number011-6195 6105 for assistance as well.